Feature Fanart

There is just some fan art out there that blow your mind away. It may be because of the professional look of the art, the exquisite lines, layout, dynamics of the picture; but whatever it is, it'll makes your eyes bug out and your face turn green with envy.

This page will showcase--our choice--for the feature fanart of each update. The Feature Fanart page will also provide, if applicable, a link back to the originating gallery that archived said fanart, so you can drool some more.

Please note that there are two drawings being featured in this installment, one by {dixey}, the other by Chiaki. Do take the time to look at them both.

Feature Fanart: Nightcrawler
Where Fanart is Archived: {dixey}'s land

Why it is Featured:I find {dixey} to be on of the best fan artists out there! She is known more for her Downloadable Dragons, but recently she is breaking out into the comic book world, producing such captivating drawings as this. Her Nightcralwer is gorgeous. She's gotten lots of depth and feeling into this picture, yet she rely's on the simplest of tools- pen, ink, color pencils. I love the way she conveys the angles and shadows of Kurt's feet and the gargoyle. Kurt's expression is priceless. Great job, {dixey}!

                                  --submitted by Glockgal

Feature Fanart (2 pieces): Storm and Psylocke -- Quincunx's birthday giftie
Pheonix -- Glockgal's birthday giftie
By: Chiaki! We love her!
Why it is Featured:Well...they're our birthday gifts!
Once more Chiaki out does herself and presents the world with some more glorious art, drawn specifically for Quin and Glock out of the kindness of her heart. Chiaki deserves a huge slice of birthday cake. Thanks, Chi!                                   --submitted by Glockgal

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