Bad Artist!!!

This is the indefinite rules and guidelines to avoid all the baddies, flubs and foolishness we all tend to do when drawing fan-art. So! Follow it and you'll always produce lovely art for everyone to "ohh" and "ahh" at. Cause we all like that, don't we?

-I will not give all the women in my pictures the same face, yes I know Terry Dodson does it, but I want to be a good artist.

-Jubilee is 13 1/2 years old. I won't draw Jubilee with a chest size that rivals Dolly Parton's.

-If I try to draw Wolverine and he comes out looking deformed I will not post it anyway and pass it off as Mystique morphing into Wolverine, no one will buy it anyway.

-When I draw Nightcrawler, I should know that he has three fingers on each hand *including* his thumb!

-When drawing a full figure portrait, I shall remember that the feet are part of people's bodies.

-Three poses are not enough! I must learn to put people in many different poses and postures.

-Muscles drawn where they shouldn't be is just not right. Unless I can find strange bulging muscles on my own body, I won't put them on my drawings.

-If I emulate Rob Liefield, I am wrong, wrong, wrong.

Submitted by: Yujon 3D--

-When I meet an editor/guest professional at a comicon, I'll not not tell them the sad story of my life because they will loudly protest my laziness and shame me in front of the whole Fandom.

-When preparing a portfolio for professional appraisal, I will produce a complete story in six to ten pages of continuity art, complete with both action and quiet scenes.

-I shall draw realistic human figures for comicbook characters...unless it's a Marvel comic, but who needs work from them these days anyway.

-I must remember that teenagers do not look like miniature adults; they look like children with adult muscles and other distinguishing anatomical features which are just starting to become noticable.

-I must remember that people of different "races" do have distinguishing characteristics...I shouldn't draw all of your characters as blonde-haired WASPs (the White Jubilee Syndrome).

-I must remember that clothing comes in different varieties, too, dependent upon the ethnicity and location of the person being drawn (the Ethopian Farmer in Khakis Syndrome).

-When I set out to start a project, I should complete it before starting three or four more (and thus coming out with lots of pieces of paper with rough sketches and pencil smudges on them).

-It doesn't hurt me to learn to draw scenes and inanimate objects, it doesn't hurt me to learn to draw scenes and inanimate objects, it doesn't hurt me to learn to draw scenes and inanimate objects...

-Just because I think I'm quite good at art doesn't mean that I can do without good references.

-There is nothing wrong with drawing characters other than members of an obscure Marvel comic called "Generation X" every so often; it helps to put a little variety into my work.

-Superheroes are not the only subjects of fan art. Look at "normal" characters such as John Constatine, Spider Jerusalem, Itto Ogami, and J. Jonah Jameson...

-If I can't get that car or background to look right, use references and practice, practice, practice...

Submitted by: Chiaki Nakaike

-A background is an integral part of an image--not an afterthought. If I didn't start laying out a background when I first put down myself initial composition, I will do myself (and my picture) a favor and be honest and *just leave it out* (as it was 'meant' to be...)!!

Submitted by:JenX

-I do have my own style. I do not need to emulate Bachalo, Ramos, or GlockGal.
(Glockgal's Note: I SWEAR! I didn't make her say this! But I'm blushing anyways...;)

- I will not draw my friends as X-Men.

- I will not make up some strange excuse to leave off random body parts (ie, "it was blocked by a wall/explosion/team member/Mary Sue!")

- There are members of GenX to draw besides Jono and Penny.

- Sean Cassidy does not have boobs.

- I will not draw flying characters as though they have broken limbs.

- I will avoid "gecko-fingers" on my characters unless they really do have gecko-fingers.

- Erasers are my friends.

- Just because I don't like Tabitha doesn't mean I can paint her blue at whim.

- Emma Frost has arms.

- Jonothon blew his face off. I should do well to remember this when drawing the boy, crush or no crush.

Submitted by:Devo

-I WILL scan new art. I will not let said new art sit at school collecting dust. Bad artist! Bad, bad artist!

-Pin-ups are fun. Pin-ups are great. There can however be too much of a good thing. Pin-ups will not get me work. Bad artist!

-I will stop berating myself. Occasionally.

Submitted by:Ann Larimer

-Coloring a picture will not make it better.

-I will stop buying the cheap brushes.

-I have two perfectly good hands right in front of me. I will occasionally look at them in order to properly render my characters' hands.

Submitted by:Suzene

-I will draw realistic body proportions. Barring this, my male subjects will be as well-endowed as my female subjects.

Submitted by:Pamela "Hutch" Thalner

-I will draw. I will not squander my free time on the computer, or watching television, or playing video games, etc.,and use laziness as an excuse for not drawing.

Submitted by:Tapestry

-Just because I have the attention span of a mayfly on crack doesn't mean I won't finish a picture once in a while.

-There are other mediums besides pencil. I just need to learn how to use them.

-When accepting commissions I will send them to my employer the SAME YEAR that I have been paid

-I will not look embarassed when my art teacher claims that comic book art is not "real."

-Just because typing paper and mechanical pencils are cheap doesn't give me an excuse to shirk on quality materials.

-I won't cover one side of my subject's face with hair just because I can't draw his eyes on the same level.

-Erasers are my friend. Friction, however, is not.

-Spandex is pretty and shiny, but remember, it tends to have a SLIMMING effect on the wearers.

-Clunky boots are fun to draw, but people's feet really aren't shaped like that.

-When drawing people barefoot, I will include toes. If I didn't the characters would fall over all the time.

-Hair can be something other than wind-blown.

-I will remember that there are many different body shapes, and that I really should include a few of them now and then.

-Noses are only two eye lengths long. Not four. Two.

-And lastly...I shall never again attempt such an unholy composition as Winky and Nudge and Celine Dion. The end result was amusing, but no picture should involve that much red.

Submitted by:Raven

-I *will* draw people other than The Lizard, I *will* draw people other than The Lizard...

Submitted by:Alexzandar

-Just because I can't draw men isn't an excuse for not trying to draw them.

-I will remember that ugly people DO exist, even in a comic-book universe (unless you're living in an Image-universe, in that case everybody is beautiful, even if you're ugly).

-I shall not copy women's legs from Micheal Turner's Fathom.

-I will remember that women with short hair exist.

-Men AND women possess a spine and ribs, they tend to limit your movements; again, I shall NOT copy Micheal Turner's style and have my characters spineless and ribless.

-I will not forget that Storm with a mohawk looks cool, even if it was over 10 years ago that she had a mohawk.

-I will not draw any funky eighties outfits, they are the embodiment of evil, send by Satan and his army of worst-dressers ever.

Submitted by:Sephiram

-Human characters do not have a million teeth, I shall not imitate Rob Liefeld when drawing teeth.

-I will not show my fanart to female classmates, they'll call me a pervert.

-I will not show my fanart to minors, even if it is rated for all ages, these are the things that make little girls unhappy about their bodies when they grow up.

-Spandex is a great material, but, thank god, I don't walk around in it all day and so won't my characters. I should try to draw at least one large sweater on a female.

-"It's the clothing that makes her look thin," is not an excuse.

-I must not judge others even though I'm certain of the fact that I'm the best fan-artist on the face of the planet.

-Details, I will not forget drawing them. They are also crucial when I are drawing the surface of an object: there is a difference between a metallic or a wooden object.

-Some things are not new, they shouldn't shine 24/7

-I must remember, there is a thing called a "shadow" it appears when there is "light" from the opposite side.

-A circle is not a ball or an orb, it needs something more before it can actually be called 3d.

Submitted by:Overlordwon

-When I draw, I WILL erase the stick figure before I do details, costume, and coloring.

Submitted by:Jeanette

--Having cats and/or infant children is not an exuse not to draw; it is, however, an exuse to put my drawings where said cats and/or infant children cannot get to them and ruin them.

-I will not show my pin-up (Ala Playboy, and milder) art to my In-Laws; they will not be amused.

-I will not try to show any friends that go by the nickname of 'Troll' my art; they will not be amused.

- I will always, ALWAYS put my art supplies in a safe place. They have a tendency to disappear if I don't keep track of them. If they do, look under the couch, or a pet's favored spot.

-Men are people too, I will learn how to draw one.

-I should remember that Callista Flockart is not a realistic model. Do not stick triple D's on her frame. It is not sexy. It has a tendency to make the viewer hurt.

-It's okay for a guy to look a bit on the feminine side; at least I drew one.

-If a guy does look feminine, put pointed ears on him, and pass him off as an elf; no one will know the difference.

-Should my creativity die, do everything in my power to ressurect it.

Submitted by:Kelly

-I will remember that when I shade, I won't put too much or it'll look like it just stuck it's face in mud! Too much of a good thing can be bad-especially in this case.

Submitted by:Quericon

-Wolverine is short and hairy. He's not some drop dead gorgeous, male versacci model...

-Beast is furry and has big hands and feet, this doesn't mean I should draw him like some deformed Teddy-bear.

-Big Robots are cool, I like drawing them, maybe one day I'll draw one robot in more than one position.

-Not everything that is Manga looks good... There are times Jean Grey just screams for normal eyes that are anatomically correct.

-Pupils; Prof. Xavier has pupils, Jean Grey has pupils, even Marrow has pupils.

-If normal eyes don't have pupils... you're blind. I should remember that when I draw most characters.

-I should try to draw something else, there are other characters than the X-men.

-Victoria's Secret... just tell mom and dad that "It teaches me how to draw the female body".

Submitted by:Melanie Weaver-Anderson

-When using a pose from a model or photograph, I will NOT draw the model line for line then pop an X on her lingerie and call her Jean Grey in lingerie.

-Though I love Wolverine just as much as the next person, he will not encompass the theme of every pinup I do.

-I will not leave a character's skin white out of laziness and try to pass it off as my "Patrick Nagel" interpretation of that character. I will break my wallet and keep the flesh tones in stock.

-If I'm going to emulate an artist, I'll take Adam Hughes who shows the diversity of the different ethnic backgrounds of the characters he draws and NOT Rob Leifeld who even manages to give his females nasty wrinkles and facial lines (even on the 13 year olds).

-No, Jubilee didn't jump from age 13 when she was with the X-Men to age 21 when she joined Generation X. And I don't think a boob job occurred during her transition to her new team position either.

-I will keep Rogue's hair the same length and her eyes green at all times. Gambit will also have his black eyes and red pupils at all times and not the random brown eyes he's been spotted with.

-Not ALL of Cable's arsenals consist of the same Rob Leifeld "Trapezoidal Barrel" gun. Same for Bishop. That model gun was spawned by Satan and put into the lazy artist's mind to cut corners.

-Wolverine's claws need to be a decent length so that they dont bend past his elbow when he's got them stored in his arm. If they are too long, forget bending those elbows to smoke them cigars.....

-I will manage to draw at least one forgotten X-Character a month (poor Polaris......)

-And finally.....not ALL superheroes have the same breast size. How is Storm suppose to fly with Lady Death sized cups (don't get me started on poor Jubilee again.....)

Submitted by:Jeremy Sams

-I will remember not to give away all my good stuff to girl friends.

-I will at least try to have the characters dress according to the weather.

-I will learn to use something other than pencil or pen.

-When I make a mistake I will not try to make it look like something else and be too lazy to start over.


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