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Archives:Adult and/or Slash

WARNING: Some of the art on these sites may not be suitable for minors. This as an adult section and therefore some of the fan art may include images of nudity/sexual situations. Please do not go to thse sites if you know you are offended by mature scenes, and please do NOT flame these archivists/artists. Thanks!

NOTE: To see how to get your fan art archived, see CFAB FAQ

Gallery type:Personal
Submissions considered:No
Glockgal LOVES the way this guy draws! A shrine to all things speedy and cute...namely, Northstar and Quicksilver. (Other characters pop up on occasion)
Fonts of Wisdom
Gallery type:Various
Genre:Marvel, DC Vertigo, Original characters
Submissions considered:Yes
Luba has one of the largest galleries of erotic and non-erotic fan-art dedicated to Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom, as well as DC Vertigo characters. It is definitely worth your while to check out all the different artists showcased on her site.
Lightspeed: The Northstar Fanpage
Gallery type: Various
Genre: Marvel: Non-X
Submissions considered:Yes
A site dedicated exclusively to Alpha Flight's Northstar.
The Mhairie Erotic X-men Archive
Gallery type: select
Genre: Marvel
Submissions considered: Yes
X-Men fanart relevant to the Mhairie adult fan-fiction story and links to other fan art resources. (This site definately qualifies as 'adult'. If you are under 18 and you visit this site, I'm telling your mother-Quincunx)
Mooksville, Earth
Gallery Type:Various
Genre:Marvel, DC, any comic related mook
Submissions considered:Yes
In Kaylee's own words: "Mooksville, Earth is a home for comic book fanfiction and fanart that focuses on the ever-elusive mook--that sweet (but not cloying!) sap that warms your heart and makes you grin like a moron. Or at least makes ME grin like a moron..." They make Quincunx grin like a moron too. Lots of excellent mooky slash art worth seeing.
WingSlash Workshop
Gallery type:Personal
Submissions considered:No
Lovely slash art by Leono-mostly Nightwing and Titans.
X-Men Slash Central
Gallery type:Various
Submissions considered:Yes
An wealth of slash(m/m or f/f) fan art from great artists. Lotsa fan-fic based fan art as well. It's simply lovely!

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